Eikando Zenrin-ji, Kyoto: The Temple of Maple Leaves

Autumnal Exhibition 2013   Autumnal Exhibition in 2013 will be held according to the following schedule.

  • Period: November ~December
  • Open time: 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (Reception is closed at 4:00 PM.)
  • Admittance fee: Adult 1,000yen / Student (primary school~ high school) 600yen
  • Items displayed: Descent of Amida (Amitabha) over the Mountain, Shaka Nyorai (Shakyamuni Nyorai), Ten Great Disciples, Shakyamuni and Sixteen Gods
Night Visit  
  • Period: November ~December
  • Open time: 5:30 PM ~ 9:00 PM (Reception is closed at 8:30PM.)
  • Admittance fee: 600yen (above junior high school student)
official website ››  http://www.eikando.or.jp/English/index_eng.htm
official tourist website ››  http://kanko.city.kyoto.lg.jp/detail.php?InforKindCode=1&ManageCode=1000145

  •   紅葉のお寺 京都永観堂 禅 林 寺

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