Wakakusa Yamayaki, Nara | 26th January, 2014 (or February 2 if it's rain)

The Wakakusa Yamayaki is an annual festival during which the grass on the hillside of Nara's Mount Wakakusayama is set on fire.  
The mountain is located at the eastern end of Nara Park, and when it is set alight it can be seen throughout the city. The burning of the mountain itself is preceded by a fireworks display. The festival takes places every year on the fourth Saturday in January, but may be delayed to the following Saturday in case of bad weather.
official website ››  http://www.kasugano.com/wakakusayama/

  • Wakakusa Yamayaki, Nara   Wakakusa Yamayaki, Nara
      若草山焼き (奈良)

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