Jakuchu Revealed 300th Anniversary of Ito Jakuchu's Birth, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

4th October - 4th December, 2016 | Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
Ito Jakuchu was born in 1716 as the eldest son of a greengrocer in Kyoto's Nishiki Market. He studied the methods of the Kano school, Ogata Korin, and the Yuan and Ming dynasties of China while running the family business. At age 40, he turned the business over to his younger brother and dedicated himself to painting until his death in 1800.
This exhibit illustrates the world Jakuchu created with his distinct style of painting - flowers and birds in a sketched, yet decorative style as well as his innovative approach to sumi-e ink wash paintings.   official website ››  http://www2.city.kyoto.lg.jp/bunshi/kmma/en/2016_7_fiscal_Jakuchu.html

  •   若冲の京都 KYOTOの若冲(京都市美術館)