Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri, Okayama

18th February, 2017 | Saidai-ji, Okayama
A mysterious and exciting night festival. Almost fully-naked men compete for good luck charms.   One of the three most eccentric festivals of Japan. Nine thousand men wearing only loincloths struggle fiercely with one another over a pair of lucky sacred sticks measuring 4 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length, thrown into the crowd by the priest from a window 4 m up. Anyone who luckily gets hold of the shingi and thrusts them upright in a wooden measuring box known as a masu which is heaped with rice is called the lucky man, and is blessed with a year of happiness. The other lucky items are bundles of willow strips, and although 100 of these are thrown into the crowd, it is not an easy task to catch them.   official website ›› | ››

  •   「西大寺会陽(えよう)」 裸祭り (岡山市)

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