WONDERLAND OF BUDDHIST HELL SCENES, at Mitsui Memorial Museum, Nihonbashi, Tokyo

15th July - 3rd September, 2017 | Mitsui Memorial Museum, Nihonbashi, Tokyo
How could one not wish to be saved from pain and suffering? And how grateful one would be to be able to break out of the vicious circle of endless reincarnation in the six realms of existence to be reborn in a peaceful world with no suffering. Inspired by such earnest wishes, splendorous art of the Pure Land school developed in such images as raigō paintings of deities descending to welcome devotees into the Pure Land and scenes of the Pure Land itself.   official website ››  http://www.mitsui-museum.jp/english/english.html

  •   「地獄絵ワンダーランド」三井記念美術館(東京都中央区日本橋室町 三井本館)