Tori-no-Ichi, Kotohira-Otori Shrine, Yokohama

Ichi-no-Tori (First Tori) 1st, Ni-no-Tori (Second Tori) 13th and San-no-Tori (Third Tori) 25th, November 2018   Tori-no-Ichi is a festival held at Otori-Shrine in Kotohira-Shiraine every November. It is also called "O-Tori-Sama" Yokohama citizens call it "O-Tori-Sama" in a friendly note, love it and enjoy the yearly events.
Tori-no-Ichi, or Tori-Machi, Tori-no-Machi, Tori-no-Ichi, O-Tori-sama by right, is an annual celebration of Otori-Shrine. Tori-no-Ichi is held on Tori-no-Hi in November. Tori-no-Hi comes every 12 days, that means two or three Tori-no-Hi in November depending on the year. Lucky charms of bumboo rakes are given to the visitors. It is said the bumboo rake will draw good fortune and prosperous business.
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  • Tori-no-Ichi, Kotohira-Otori Shrine, Yokohama
      酉の市 (金刀比羅神社・大鷲神社 横浜 伊勢佐木町)

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